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UV Print Head Apply Variable Ink-dot Technology
UV Print Head Apply Variable Ink-dot Technology

UV Print Head

The traditional printing equipment using fixed-size ink-dot.There is a problem of uneven pattern transition. Dlican UV printer using Ricoh G5 nozzle with variable ink-dot technology,making the printing color show the sense of layering of transition and uniform formation.

Variable ink-dot technology (gray technology) is a technical name in the printing industry which means you can freely control the size of the ink dot spray out.Using the technology makes the application of UV flatbed printer more advanced, and its prospect is broader.

Please refer to the following details of digital UV flatbed printer in Dlican digital manufacturers.

Using UV flatbed printer to achieve variable ink-dot technology, is attributed to the piezoelectric printing nozzel. According to the different printing materials, it chooses a different combination of ink droplets, while improving the printing speed, to meet the requirement of color density, to ensure that the output image is accurate, structured, and transition uniform.The reason why the use of the variable droplet size technology, is that the uv flatbed printer currently still has many problems, such as excessive uneven, the level of unclear and other issues.

As we all know that each of our patterns are made up of different sizes and colours of combination ink dots, in the absence of ink dots variable technology as the premise, Theoretically the printing output of pattern are too uneven.After using the ink-dot variable technology, it achieves to print different sizes of ink dots in two different colors in the transition areas, then its effect looks even more layered, and more uniform of transition.

UV flatbed printer with the variable ink dots technology overcomes the problem that has no sense of layering and excessive uneven in traditional printing.It brings new hope and broader market prospects to uv flatbed printer industry.

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