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What matters while phone-case printer to print patterns?
What matters while phone-case printer to print patterns?

The advantage of UV printing is able to be dry at once while printing, without needing for plate-making. It needs to adjust the machine before doing bulk processing.

First of all, it needs to adjust the printing parameters according to different printing materials, also need to adjust the step resolution and the appropriate height of front-head of machine.

People prefer to customization of personalized phone case.What prominent for customization phone case is to print pattern personally.

Phone shell printer plays an irreplaceable role in the personalized printing process.In the printing process, if we operate not well, it will affect the printing results and causes losses.

Then what matters while the phone shell printer is printing patterns ?

1)It matters that to adjust the parameters when changing to different materials.For different printing production tasks,substrates will also have a corresponding change.

When it has a big difference between the substrates ,before the mass production , it needs to test or judge according to the experience to determine how to adjust the printing resolution,  nozzle temperature and other technical parameters to meet the large quantities of printing.

2)Note the distance between the phone case and the print head for UV printing.

Usually, it is about 2mm of distance between the mobile phone shell and the ink-jet head .

Due to some of the phone shells have radians,it is easy to cause the distance to change between the mobile phone shell and the nozzle in the printing process, which cause the phenomenon of bar code to be virtual, broken ,scratch or rub messily.

3)To avoid the errors of strip-empty color combination during the UV printing process. The current national standard is only listed in the strip-empty color combination to meet the standard requirements.

There is no specific standard to indicate what the combination can be used or what can not be used.

In the actual production, for more difficult to grasp the color combination, we only can be through testing. After testing is no problem, then it can be carried out in mass production.

UV printer is easy-operated, no needing to make plate, be able to dry at once while printing.To select suitable printing materials, the pattern factory can provide latest pictures for phone shell.After setting up , it is not just can print 3D effect, but also can print cameo effect.

In the processing printing of UV printer, there are also have the problems of location error, low quality printing effect and improper selection of materials for mobile phone,which requires operator to pay more attention to.


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