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What does the printer should pay attention for phone case printing?
What does the printer should pay attention for phone case printing?

UV printing has the advantage of not having to make a plate.It will be dry as soon as printing. But it still needs to be careful before doing batch processing. Firstly, adjust the printing parameters according to different printing materials, adjust the resolution step and adjust the appropriate height. After making a batch of samples, we will start batch production. We can provide a complete set of solutions for the needs of our customers.

Personalized phone case customizing is more and more popular with people now. The most prominent feature of phone case customizing is the personalized printed design.In the process of printing, if the operation is bad, it will affect the print effect, and causes losses. Then what should we pay special attention for the phone case printer when printing?

The parameter adjustment of uv printing material changes: for different printing production tasks, the substrate will also change accordingly. If current production of substrates materials is large compared with previous production, it needs to test before mass production or according to the experience to determine how to adjust the technical parameters, such as spray printing resolution, print head temperature to satisfy large quantity of printing tasks.

Pay attention to the distance between the phone case and print head: The distance between phone case and print head is normally around 2 mm. But sometimes due to the phone case arc, it is easy to cause changes between distance between phone case and print head. Thus it appears the barcode breezing, bolt, or scratches and dirty phenomenon.

UV printing process to avoid the empty color combination error: the current national standard lists the demanded standard code for empty color combination. It does not describe exactly which combination can be used, which combination can"t be used. In actual production, for some difficult grasped combination, we can only print samples first honestly. After the sample is ok, the mass production can be carried out.

UV printer operation is simple, no plate making, dry immediately.Choose the appropriate printing materials, and uv printer manufacturer can provide the latest picture gallery. After setting, the printer not only can print 3 d effect, also can print embossing effect.

Other problems encountered in the printing of uv printers are errors of location, low quality of printing and improper selection of the case materials.It requires special attention for operators.

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