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The working principle of uv printer
The working principle of uv printer

UV Printer, which calls UV flatbed printer, digital printer or all-purpose printer, has developed tremendously with its distinguished advantages in these years. More and more people pay attention to it. What is its principle? What advantages it owns? Here we will take a look on it.

UV printer is the full color digital printing machine for industrial grade high technology. It does not need plate-make and can print wide variety of materials including wood,phone case, leather, ceramic, aluminium, steel sheets, glass, pvc, billboard, acrylic, metal label, etc. Specially, it does not have complicated printing process as traditional print. It connects with pc to print and just need on step to accomplish the whole process with UV ink and LED light.

UV Printer has 3 crucial operation steps which are locating, printing, and solidifying. Locating function helps to ensure the starting point. Printing function decides the difference between UV print and other print methods. Solidifying is its most special feature.

Locationing Function: The principal of this method is that no matter what material, size, height, or shape of print object it is, UV printer can print with best precision. On the X axis, the grating decoder commands machine to print landscape orientation accurately. On the Y axis, the length of the printed material is controlled mainly by the drive of the servo motor.The height locationing depends on the automatic height measurement and lifting function of the head, which the height is measured accurately.

Printing Function: UV Printer utilizes Piezoelectricity inkjet printing technology, which does not contact directly with the surface of printing material. Instead, it depends on the voltage produced inside the nozzle to eject ink on the material. Dlican UV flatbed printer uses Ricoh Gen5 print head imported from Japan, which is industrial leader in the field. The main feature of it include quicker print speed and better precision. The standard accessory 7PL and variable ink drop technology gray level are so welcomed by the customers.

Solidifying Function: UV Printer uses LED light. The chemical reaction between the ultraviolet and the UV ink in the printing process can be used to dry and solidify the ink immediately.The traditional printing operation uses baking, drying, and other processes to complete work, while UV printer only need UV lamp irradiation to achieve the curing process, which is much more simplified, cost savings and efficiency.

In summary, UV printing and traditional printing machine have very big difference. Full-color high precision and light curing characteristics make it the biggest advantages compared with other printing methods.

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