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How to identify second-hand UV printers?
How to identify second-hand UV printers?

The UV printer market is chaotic, and many manufacturers are taking advantage of it, and even the use of second-hand printer for refurbishment can be sold to users at the price of the new machine, which seriously damages the interests of customers. Before purchasing, users can determine whether the machine is modified by second hand printers by looking at the wear of the print head, and by looking at the marks of each part. Second, the effect of second hand printing is less than the new machine.

UV printer industry after several years of development, has been recognized by many users and UV printer market is getting better and better now, but the market is becoming more and more disorderly. Because many manufacturers look at market better, they also produce the equipment. But because the technology is not mature, and care about their own interests, so the market is disorderly. There also appeared some second-hand refurbished machines, small-scale operations. So how do you check it is a second hand printer? We share several methods of identification.

1.Observe whether the print head of the machine has been used, and the used heads and unused differences are visible to the naked eye; Though the printing effect of new head is not good at the old one at first, Please must pay attention to check the old head channel whether it is burned or blocked.

2. Second, please pay attention to the ink tube, ink path, and check whether there is ink used. If there is, it indicates that the machine has been used.

3, open the head base, to observe the internal parts. Generally parts above are with date code, if the date of the parts are too far away, it shows that machine is used for a period of time, the inside of the accessories is for replacement. It is recommended not to buy, but except for the prototype printer. There are many factories that use the sample machine. But to sell, the machine is the new equipment.

4.The effect of the new print printing is lower than that used for a period of time. And the old head, especially white ink head, must pay attention to whether the channel of the head is burnt, or blocked.

5.When we are looking at the machine, we can directly look at the old and new level of the UV printer vehicle parts.

6. Check whether the coding on the main board of the UV printer is consistent with the coding on the head, and the coding of the new machine is consistent. If not, it could be used or refurbished printer.

To consider above methods, we can better differ used and new machines. We recommend users to buy best from formal manufacturers.

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