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What is the machine that prints the phone case?
What is the machine that prints the phone case?

The phone case printer is used in the production and processing of the phone cases. Using uv printer can print what you want to print. It can realize the effect of embossing and vanish. It makes their own unique personality for the cell phone.

The machine that prints a picture on phone case is often called a cell phone case printer. The name is UV printer.

UV printing is a new type of printing technology, compared with the traditional printing and silk screen printing, UV printing uses print head inkjet technology, through the different proportion on the surfaces of ink, synthetic colors. This is a professional UV ink, which is irradiated by UV light in the printing process, and can be solidified in a very short time after printing.

Therefore, UV printing has the advantages of no plate-making, rich color and fast processing speed. For effect, UV printing is more suitable for industrial production than many traditional printing techniques. Meanwhile, due to digital printing, the machine can be printed without the plate-making, which is very suitable for personalized customization.

The cell phone case printer is the name of the UV printer for the personalized processing of the phone case. For using uv flatbed printer, it can not only reach rich color, not also cam realize the embossing effect and vanish effect. It makes their own unique personality for phone case.

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