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How to make embossing effect on ceramic tile?
How to make embossing effect on ceramic tile?

Using UV printer to print ceramic tile can make the embossing effect easily. It can restore the color of the pattern well and easily. It has more and more extensive application in home decoration.

If you see a ceramic tile with an embossing effect, dont be surprised. This is done with a uv printer.

On many occasions, we need to print on plastic and glass surface, and we can do this easily with uv printing technology. But the ability of UV printer is not this point, we can not only make a pattern on ceramic tile surface, but also can make the embossing effect.

This starts with the principle of UV printing.

The most common type of UV printer is four-color printing. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. To print pictures, use color management software to decompose the image first, and then spray print to the material surface, which is the color of the decomposed. Different doses of the mixture will restore the color ink on the same point.

Apart from these colors, UV printers usually have a white head. Since the pattern is eventually accumulated by the ink, if we make more white ink in the place where we need to thicken, then we can print the color ink on it.

In the process of image processing, we create a new color channel, which can be covered by multiple colors in the place where we need to thicken. After printing, the stack of white ink will form embossing effect.

Lets see what happens. Using the UV printing ceramic tile has incomparable advantage in the home decoration application, It not only restores the color, but also restores the level and the tactility.

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