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What are the advantages of a UV printer?
What are the advantages of a UV printer?

UV printing technology is a new kind of printing technology developed in recent years. Compared with the other printings, UV printer has the advantages of using widely, without plate making, good printing effect, high precision printing and with  low cost.

The printing technology has been constantly updated in China.
At first, people made of soil type and then invented the metal movable type. When in Song dynasty, Chinas printing technology is mature, and the use of lead tin alloy font technology has been used up to now.

Later, with the popularization of computers, people have invented various photocopying printing technology and laser inkjet printing technology, and printing is no longer limited to the precast model. In the printing field of ink, people have invented the screen printing technology, so that people are not limited to the monotonous black and white, but can make colorful life products. In the field of digital painting, the printing process is better, the machine is bigger, the printing effect and size are not the same as before. Uv printing technology is a new type of printing technology developed in recent years. It adopts digital printing technology, and the process is much better than digital painting. Here is the advantage of it.

Uv printer is not restricted by material.
Uv printer can print most materials we can see, such as ceramic tile, glass, PVC, metal plate, acrylic, plastic, leather. 

Uv printer does not need to make plate.
Uv printer is a kind of digital printing technology, the computer output image to the printer, can be printed directly like the paper printer. Compared with the old silk screen printing, it has a bright contrast. For screen printing,  first of all it needs to make graphics on computor , and then do silk screen film, and then by workers or machinery brush each ink again and again to the object surface. It takes a lot of time and cost from a drawing to a plate, and the UV printer does not need.

Uv printing effect is good

Silkscreen printing usually can only print less colors, for example, in various signs, it is usually used in less than 3 colors. For colorful patterns, silk screen printing is impotent. The uv printer has a wide range of colors, even if the complex cmyk color is printed.

Uv printing accuracy
UV printers can usually print 3000-1200dpi accuracy, which can meet the requirements of most applications. This is unthinkable for non-digital printing.

Low cost of uv printing
The costs are divided into two parts. The first is the fast speed, the UV printer can print 12 to 75 square meters per hour, and UV printing is dry immediately when printing. In the same labor cost, it saves a lot of time. On the other hand, due to the high degree of refinement of uv printing and good control of print head, the cost of printing is very low. For example, the cost of printing ink for a square meter of ink is only usd0.76 to usd1.06. Processing a phone case is only about usd0.015.
There are many advantages of uv printer, and there are unique advantages in the application of various industries.

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