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What is the ICC curve?
What is the ICC curve?

ICC curve is a way to correct printing color deviation. Due to the difference between ink and printing, after printing ink tends to have larger deviation images. If we do an ICC curve at this time to modify the color, in order to achieve closer to the effect of the picture.

All the friends who do printing know that there is a very important concept called ICC curve. This curve is not well done, and the color will have a large deviation, which will affect the quality of the product. What is the ICC curve?

ICC curve is the ratio solution when printing on a certain material for the ink. We know that printing uses CMYK four-color mode, and several kinds of ink are printed in the same area. Due to the different color of the match, we finally get the pattern we want.

However, there are many kinds of ink, each of which is different from the theoretical value, and the different absorption degrees of the printed material are different, and the color difference between the final color and the image is formed. How to do? Manual printing output for an ICC curve to solve.

Usually, before delivery printer manufacturer will develop a specific solution based on customers processing conditions, from the characteristics of the machine, the processing technology, processing of materials, various aspects comprehensive use of ink and the performance of the machine. Unless there is a great change in the processing project, generally do not need to redo the curve. The user must need to pay attention to use according to the manufacturer designated configuration and dont change the ink. The above problems can be avoided.

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