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UV universal printer features
UV universal printer features
Why is uv printer called a universal printer? Because it has many features.

1. Uv printing does not need to make plate.
Screen printing is a widely used printing technology. Screen printing has the advantage of low processing cost, but has an obvious shortcoming. A pattern requires a film before printing, and then a screen version, which is a long process. If a pattern has multiple processes, it is necessary to make many plate versions.
And the universal printer does not need, as long as the computer makes pattern and output to the universal printer, then directly can be printed on the surface of the article.

2. The uv printing process is short.
In addition to the screen printing needs precast plate, the process of screen printing is also very long. For a single color pattern, the screen printer can be printed only once. But what if its in color? The printer needs to make plate again and again, and if it has 10 different colors on it, it has to be repeated 10 times. This is a huge drain on labor.
And uv printing is much more convenient. Make picture first then printing, UV printer one minute can do screen screen for an hour of work.

3. UV printing color is rich.

Screen printing cannot printing patterns with complex colors. For example, if a 10 cm * 10 cm width leather, with 100pcs 1 cm square format to print, the color of each grid is different. This is a piece of cake for the uv printer, it is a nightmare for screen printing. 100 grid is to set 100 times plate edition, 100 grid color is each different. It needs to carry on a few hundred color mix color. If the color is mixed wrong, whole thing needs to discard.

UV printing uses cmyk color mode, which can reproduce 16.7 million colors in the color field. Whether its 100 squares or 10,000 squares, its all one pass, and its rich in color.

4. In addition, uv printing is not limited by materials, and can be printed on the surface of glass, crystal, hand case, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, sheet and leather.

5. UV printing uses computer software for color management. After computer analysis, the color of the image is printed directly to the printer, which is accurate.

6. UV printing is suitable for batch processing. At the stage of the adjustment, the color is adjusted once, and all the products in the back have the same color, which basically eliminates the human influence.

7. Horizontal moving vertical jet structure can be used to adjust the printing height according to the printing objects, and the thickness of the substrate is relatively large.

8. UV printing pollution-free. UV printing ink control precisely. It print in pixels needing to print ink, not largely evaporate into the air like spraying machine, also not like screen printing using large amounts of water to clean the screen. Even if a small amount of waste ink, it will condense into solid, will not spread in the environment.

9. Uv printing process is mature. Good adhesion of printed pattern, strong weather resistance. Not only waterproof, sun protection, but also wear - resistant. The washing fastness can reach 4 levels, and repeatedly scrubbing but unfading.

10. UV printing is non-contact printing. The spray head does not touch the surface of the object. It will not deform or damage the substrate due to heat and pressure. It is suitable for printing and printing of fragile products.

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