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UV printer manufacturer
UV printer manufacturer

UV printer manufacturer

Dlican has close cooperation with Japan Ricoh company. We adopt mature and efficient Ricoh print head, and produce industrial-grade UV printers with different sizes, which is widely used in different field.

UV printing industry is a new kind of industry in recent years. From birth, uv printing has many advantages, with no plate making, digital printing, the advantages of high precision and low cost in the printing industry. It also has  revolutionary subversion on the traditional printing process.

At present, uv printer manufacturers are mainly located in the coastal areas of Guangdong Province, mainly Shenzhen. The machinery, software and ink of the industrial chain of uv printing equipment are mainly concentrated in Guangdong. The technical capacity of the uv printer in Shenzhen represents the highest level in China.

Dlican is a professional manufacturer of uv printers, located in Baoan district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. We have many years of technology precipitation in the uv printing industry, with industry-leading technology process, which can provide customers with complete solutions from basic knowledge to processing and production. We have a close cooperation with Ricoh, and we have developed a variety of industrial-grade uv printers on the basis of Ricoh, which serve all kinds of industries in China.

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